Governance Documents and Policies

We have made a few changes to this page recently, as some of our policies are under review.  If you are looking for a document that isn’t here, please contact [email protected] for assistance. 

Gymnastics Victoria Governance Documents


Operational Committees Charter
Refer to this Charter for information about the Operational Committees of Gymnastics Victoria (GV)  including Technical and Regional Committees.   

Gymnastics Victoria Policies

Board Correspondence Policy
This policy outlines how and when correspondence will be received by the Board of GV.  
Child Safe Policy which contains the Child Safe Codes of Behaviour
This policy affirms and outlines GV’s commitment to the proactive and preventative approach to upholding its commitment to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of children in gymnastics.  It sits alongside and is to be read in conjunction with the Member Protection Policy

The Child Safe Policy contains the Child Safe Codes of Behaviour, and a number of tools to assist with the practical application of the policy.   

The policy also contains information on such key areas as: 

- Individual and organisational responsibilities and obligations in relation to child safety. 
- How GV addresses and promotes child safety. 
- Screening and working with children check requirements. 
- Identifying child abuse. 
- Reporting and responding to child abuse allegations. 
- Reporting and responding to child safety concerns. 

Declaration of Interests Policy
This policy relates to the identification, disclosure, and management of actual, potential, and perceived conflicts of interest at GV.  

Grievance and Complaints Policy
Please refer to this policy for information about GV’s approach to receiving, assessing, and managing complaints. 

Inclusion Policy
This policy outlines and affirms GV’s commitment to ensuring that gymnastics is accessible, fair, and inclusive.  

Life Membership Policy
This policy sets out the circumstances in which GV may award a person Life Membership of the Association.  

Member Protection Policy
This policy outlines the standards of behaviour expected of those involved in gymnastics in Victoria.  It affirms GV’s commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity and to be safe and protected from abuse, and promotes the procedures that exist to ensure that gymnastics is a safe environment for all participants. It sits alongside and is to be read in conjunction with the Child Safe Policy

Photographic & Filming Policy
This policy relates to the taking of photographs and video at GV events, and their use and publication.   

Privacy Policy
Refer to this policy for information on how GV collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information.  

Smokefree Policy
Refer to this policy for information on the requirement that all GV events are smokefree. 

Social Media Policy
The policy provides information about the use of social media in relation to GV events, and the expectations of responsible social media use by those who represent GV.  

Wellness Policy
This policy affirms the commitment of GV to raise the gymnastics community’s awareness of issues of concern relating to personal wellbeing that may impact on gymnastics and its members.   

Gymnastics Australia Governance Documents and Policies

National Integrity Framework
In 2022, Gymnastics Victoria adopted the Gymnastics Australia National Integrity Framework.

Please click here to view  the complete list of Gymnastics Australia’s By-laws, Policies and Technical Regulations.