2023 Coach Conference

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to announce the return of its annual Coach Conference in 2023.

Run over two big days in January, this series of interactive professional development workshops will provide participants with a range of opportunities to explore current topics of interest within the Gymnastics community lead by industry experts. With more than 10 workshops to select from, there is bound to be one, or more, sessions you will want to attend.

Presenters will include:

Dion Pocklington, 2022 Worlds MAG Travelling Coach, 2022 GV MAG Service Award recipient, and Victorian Head MAG High Performance Coach Session 1A - Tumbling Masterclass; and introduction to twisting
Daniel Dymond, Sports Psychologist Session 4B - Mental Blocks and how to navigate change
Zak Stolz, Ninja and FreeG Gymnastics Coach and Two-time Australian Ninja Warrior Winner (2021,2022) Session 1C - Ninja Warrior experience and Future opportunities

With more to be announced in early January.
Read an outline of the program below.

Day 1

Session 1A - Tumbling Master Class, an introduction to twisting with Dion Pocklington

Session 1B - Trampoline for MAG and WAG Athletes with Ryan Hatfield

Session 1C - Ninja Warrior and Future Opportunities with Zac Stolz


Session 2A Bars Master Class, bar elements and teaching cues from athlete perspective with Dion Pocklington

Session 2B - Beam Master Class with Tracey Penaluna

Session 2C - How to strip Back a Skill to basics with Tim Robertson


Session 3A - MAG Skills for Gymstar Volume 2 with Jeff Young

Session 3B - Developing a Special Olympics program in your club with Don Pennel

Session 3C - Acrobatic Gymnastics in the Recreational Space with Jodi Harris


Day 2

Session 4A - MAG Judging For coaches with Mel Jenkins

Session 4B - Mental Blocks and how to coach athletes through them with Daniel Dymond

Session 4C - Group Behavioural Management, and how to handle high energy classes and keep them on task with Nerida King


Session 5A - Injury Management and athletes with Mel Jenkins

Session 5B - WAG COP 2022 Artistry Updates for Coaches with Heidi Rose


Ticket Information
Day 1 & 2 - Individual coach education workshops - $45 per session Day 1 - Full day coach education workshops - $130 Day 2 - Full day coach education workshops - $80
Day 1 & 2 - Full days - $210