Victorian Government Community Sport Restriction Update

On the weekend some updates were made to the easing of restrictions for sport and exercise from Monday 22 June. 

What this means for gymnastics is:
- Indoor sport can re-open
- No physical distancing requirement for children (18 years and under) this is consistent with schools
- Adults and people over 18 still need to stay 1.5m apart. 
- There is a limit of 20 gymnasts in each group per 200sq m space / zone.
- Adults and people over 18 cannot train in groups of more than 10 gymnasts
- Each space / zone needs to be used exclusively by those 20 gymnasts for a point in time. 
- Groups can move to another space and use that exclusively within the same lesson (this means that clubs can have 'rotations' in gym sessions). 
- Coaches and club staff are in addition to the 20 gymnasts.
- The space / zone does not require a wall / net / physical barrier to separate it from another. It could be cones, paint, rope...etc but must be a clearly defined space/ / zone.
- Full-contact training and competition can resume for under 18s – so eg. ACR pairs and trios, if all under 18, may train together (for adults, full-contact training may resume from 13 July).

For safety
- All participants need to have their details recorded each session so that clubs are aware which groups people have trained with for contact tracing.

Please be aware that updated restrictions have come into affect for certain suburbs within Victoria since these guidelines, click here for more. 

Note that these are Victorian Government regulations, please check with your landlord for any further requirements when opening your facility.

FAQs 16/6/20

How do Zones work?
If your clubs is large enough, it can be divided into separate Zones. These zones do not require a physical barrier between them, however each zone must be clearly marked.
Each zone must be at least 200sqm in size. E.g. if your floor space is 400sqm you can have two separate zones, however if your floor space is only 350sqm you can only have a single zone.
How many people can we have in each Zone?
Each zone has a limit of 20 participants. If any participants are over 18 then the maximum group size is 10 people. If all participants are aged 18 years or under then the maximum group size is 20 people. So each zone can have up to two separate groups of 10 adults, or one group of 20 children. Smaller groups of children are permitted as long as the total number does not exceed 20 participants per zone.
Can Groups move between Zones?
While it is recommended that groups stay within a single zone, if deems necessary they can move to a different zone, provided that:
-      The group is not split between the zones
-      The total number of participants in a given zone does not exceed 20 participants
For example: Class begins with Group A (20 children) in Zone 1, and Group B (20 children) in Zone B. Halfway through the session, Group A and B can swap zones, provided that the Groups stay the same (no swapping of participants between the two groups). Group A cannot move to Zone 2 while it is still being used by Group B, as this would exceed the 20 participant per zone limit.
How many participants can we have in Kindergym classes?
For Kindergym classes with parent involvement, the maximum class size of 10 people – 5 children plus 5 parents – applies, as not all participants are 18 years or under.


This is great news for gymnastics clubs as we can now prepare to resume gymnastics with more participants than the initial number of 20 per enclosed space.  

Click here for a link to our Return to Gymnastics Toolkit. 

If you have any further questions about these guidelines, please contact the GV Office on 9005 4700 or