Road to Recovery Series 2.0

Gymnastics Victoria's Road to Recovery Series is back in version 2.0 to support clubs through the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are continuing the R2R sessions for the club owner/manager/administrator on Tuesdays and we are introducing coach education sessions on Thursdays.

As an owner/manager/administrator you are welcome to attend both sessions each week and suggest you encourage your coaching staff to attend the coach education sessions. 

Dates for upcoming Road to Recovery sessions are as follows, please note detailed communication for each week will be distributed either the Friday or Monday prior to the session. Please note sessions, dates and times are subject to change depending on presenter availability.





Week 13 - Thursday 5th November 8.00pm –Road to 2021 Events 

Cathy Lorenzin

Although we are just heading back into clubs again we also understand that coaches are beginning the planning process for 2021. GV’s General Manager of Events and Club Services, Cathy Lorenzin explained the changes for the 2021 competition season and the hows and whys behind the 2021 competition calendar. This session was valuable for both the club R2R attendees and coach R2R attendees.

*Note this session was not recorded

Week 13 - Thursday 5th November 12.30pm – Physical Preparation for the Coach

Kevin James

This interactive discussion was around coach physical preparation concepts and was designed to assist the coaching community to prepare their own bodies as they return to coaching. Kevin James covered why this is important and what coaches can do to help with the transition as we move back into the gym setting. This session is valuable for both club and coach attendees. 

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password. 

Week 12 COACH - Thursday 29th October 10.00am – Return to training MAG & WAG Levels 3 - 7

Jessica Haintz and Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons
The Return to Training session provided an overview of the concepts that apply to returning to training (for all levels and athletes). You will find these concepts can be applied across the different gymsports.

*note if you attended the road to Aus Classics you do not need to watch this session.

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password. 

Week 12 CLUB - Tuesday 27th October 11.30am – SALT Re-Emerge & AHRC Review Survey Questions

This webinar was an introduction into the Re-Emerge session centered around how clubs are travelling and what happens when we return with a focus on staff wellbeing and what your staff may experience. At the conclusion of this session any queries on the AHRC Review Survey Questions were also addressed.

*Note this session was not recorded

Week 11 - Tuesday 20th October 11.30am – Bec Robertson from Peninsula Gymnastics on community connections with new mothers

Bec Robertson
Bec and her team have been running successful online mothers groups and baby gym sessions throughout COVID. She shared how they found there was a need for the connection with new mothers, tips on reaching these groups and how they implemented the program as a team.

Week 10 - Thursday 15th October 11.30am – Building a framework to reset the future picture

Nathan Burke 
Experienced Sports Consultant Nathan Burke supplied a step by step framework to help identify the areas your club can work on to set about designing a way you want to operate when you are back. Including reflection, systems, communication, mindset on staff and behaviours.

This session is supported by VicHealth.
The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password. 

Week 10 - Tuesday 13th October 11.30am - The Return of Gymnastics in NSW 

Gymnastics NSW CEO Aaron Bloomfield and Goele Schmitz from Flyaway Gymnastics 
Gymnastics NSW CEO, Aaron Bloomfield provided an update on the return rates of gymnastics in NSW and Goele Schmitz from Flyaway Gymnastics shared how they have been balancing the return of gymnastics on the border with NSW families in the gym and Victorian families training online at home. Goele also spoke on their experiences being opened for a full term and letting us know the changes they implemented which they will be sticking to for the future.

Week 9 - Thursday 8th October 11.30am – Confident Communication for Leaders During COVID

Carol Fox
Executive Coach, Conference Speaker and Masterclass Facilitator, Carol Fox has assisted thousands of people in improving their personal and professional lives through building confidence, finding motivation and learning better ways to communicate. In this session Carol answered questions on how to communicate with confidence and spoke about understanding different communication styles. 

This session is supported by VicHealth. 

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password. 

Week 9 - Tuesday 6th October 11.30am – Dealing with Multiple Closures and Openings 

Lynn Ledford from Cal Elite Kids, California USA
Lynn Ledford is the CEO of Cal Elite Kids, a training and activity centre offering education programs for children from 5 months - 18 years old in gymnastics, swimming, aerial arts, tumbling, acrobatics, and dance. Cal Elite Kids have gone through multiple closures and openings through the pandemic and shared her experience and learnings through this time.

Gymnastics Australia expression of interest to utilise gymnastics equipment outside

Sweet Peas Gymnastics 

*Please note Gymnastics Victoria is still seeking clarification on requirements and considerations for training outdoors to ensure safety of all members.

Week 8 - Tuesday 15th September 11.30am – Club Advocacy

Brian O’Neil from Public Relations Exchange
Gymnastics Victoria have been working with PR company Public Relations Exchange to advocate to the Victorian Government about providing financial support to assist clubs due to lost revenue from COVID-19.

Before the webinar all clubs will were sent a contact list and template emails to reach out to their local members of parliament, local government and the media to support this campaign. In this session Brian went through the club advocacy process.

Presentation slides.
Templates for clubs.

Week 7 - Thursday 10th September 11.30am - An insight into returning to gymnastics

Chelsea Caple and James Devlin
Chelsea Caple (Summersalt Gymnastics) and James Devlin (Jets Gymnastics) talked about what it was like to return to running their gymnastics programs between the break in restrictions. They spoke about what worked well, what they would do differently and provided insight from two clubs who have adapted and have been back in action. 

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password.

Week 7 - Tuesday 8th September 11.30am - Agile leadership and turning barriers into opportunities
Chelsea Roffey (Part 2)
Chelsea Roffey - writer, speaker and game changer facilitates courses to help organisations perform better through equity and diversity. This is the second of two webinars that Chelsea has hosted for us; the first can be found further below. This week's webinar focused on agile leadership and turning barriers into opportunities. 

Chelsea's website
Chelsea's course: COVID Rescue: How to Attract and Retain Greater Diversity 

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password.

Week 6 - Thursday 3rd September 11.30am Chelsea Roffey Part 1 
Chelsea Roffey on Keeping Diversity and Inclusion on the Agenda
Chelsea Roffey - writer, speaker and game changer facilitates courses to help organisations perform better through equity and diversity. This was the first of two webinars that Chelsea will be hosting for us and this week's webinar focused on reflecting on and identifying the right questions to ask in order to keep diversity and inclusion on the agenda from a best-practice and business perspective.

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password.

Week 6 - Tuesday 1st September 12.30pm on Personal leave, casual staff and managing staff hours in a downturn
Linda Norman from HR Plus
Hosted by Gymnastics NT, Linda Norman from HR Plus covered the topics of personal leave and understanding how the recent High Court decisions affect the sporting industry. There was also discussion around the nature of casual employment as a result of the Federal Court Workpac decisions and what this means for gymnastics clubs and managing staff hours in a downturn.

Click here for this presentation. 


Week 5 - Thursday 27th August at 11.30am on Beyond Resilience

Paul Taylor, Director of Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute

Hear from Paul Taylor,  one of Australia's leading presenters in areas of behaviour change, resilience and leadership. The Beyond Resilience workshop dives into the science of resilience, gives new insights and daily practices to help you not only survive but thrive in this environment that requires us to transform and adapt for the short term and long term.

Paul Taylor's website
Paul's LinkedIn
Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute Instagram
The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected. 
Please email to request the password and also if you would like Paul's resources.

Week 5 - Tuesday 25th August at 11.30am on Community and School Sport insights during COVID-19 

Lisa Hasker the CEO of VicSport and Rayoni Nelson the CEO of School Sport Victoria

VicSport CEO Lisa Haska and School Sport Victoria CEO Rayoni Nelson speak on how other sports are managing at the moment, what is happening at Local Government level, the landscape of school sport, what communities can do to assist with re-engagement of sport.
Latest updates from VicSport and COVID-19 
Latest updates on School Sport in Victoria

Week 4 - Thursday 20th August at 11.30am: Pam Pitt from 2 Peas

Cash flow forecasts and budgeting

The 2 Peas webinar went into detail on cash flow forecasting and budgeting. Providing direction on establishing your past costs to evaluate any savings that can be made, demonstrating how to create a cash flow forecast according to different assumptions and use MYOB as an example of setting up budgets and reporting on them. Links to cash flow calculators and updates from the Victorian Government support can be found below.

To download cash flow calculators:
Quarterly Cash Flow Calculator
Monthly Cash Flow Calculator

Victorian Government Support Updates:
Fact sheet JobKeeper Payment Extension 

2 Peas Business Updates:
COVID-19 Business Update August 6th
COVID-19 Business Update August 13th
Further JobKeeper Changes Expected

Week 4 - Tuesday 18th August at 11.30am: Demetrio Zema from Law Squared

Demetrio Zema the founder and director of Law Squared, provided information and resources in regards to legal rights for tenancy negotiations. Information from the session included FAQ’s on JobKeeper eligibility and the Code, paying outgoings, negotiating rental agreement terms, mandatory rental relief and what to do if the landlord is not agreeing with your proposal.
Law Squared is happy to assist Gymnastics Victoria affiliated clubs with no fee for calls, general assistance and queries. If members would like support from Law Squared to attend SBC mediation and correspond with landlords, this can be arranged on a fixed fee arrangement.
You can contact Law Squared directly on their Melbourne email address

Law Squared COVID Resources:

Rental relief calculation
Letter to landlord
Employment guide
Small Business Commissioner Application
Code and Tenant Slides


Week 3 - Thursday 13 August at 11.30am: Government Advocacy with Robin O'Neill

Gymnastics Victoria CEO Robin O'Neill provided an update on the advocacy activity that Gymnastics Victoria has been undertaking with the Victorian Government. Robin let clubs know how they can support this advocacy campaign by getting in touch with their local MPs.

Follow this link to find a contact for your local MP.

Week 3 - Tuesday 11 August at 11.30am: Marketing to Mums Q & A with Katrina McCarter

Following on from the first webinar delivered by Marketing to Mums, Gymnastics Victoria in association with Gymnastics NSW, QLD and WA were pleased to welcome back Katrina McCarter for a 45 minute Q & A. 

Katrina provided a brief update on the 5 things clubs should be aware of about how mums are feeling and we then opened up the forum to questions. 

The webinar video can be found below, however, it is password protected so only those with the password can access it. 
Please email your state or territory organisation for the password.

Week 2 - Extension of the Jobkeeper Payment: Thursday 6 August at 11.30am, HRplus – Linda Norman 

HRplus were pleased to be able to bring the Gymnastics community a webinar about the extension of the JobKeeper wage subsidy.  

Linda Norman from HRplus answered frequently asked questions regarding the Jobkeeper extension and any other HR related matters that clubs had.  

Further information and updates about JobKeeper can be found here

Week 2 - Negotiating with Landlords: Law Squared – Demetrio Zema  POSTPONED to Tuesday 18 August (see details above)!

Demetrio is the founder and director of Law Squared a specialised commercial law and litigation firm. With extensive experience in handling a wide range of disputes, Law Squared can help answer any questions you have with regards to your legal rights as a commercial tenant.  

Demetrio will run through the background on regulations and the Victorian state rules and then answer any questions that clubs have.  


Week 1 - SALT: Thursday 30 July 2020 at 11.30am, Sport and Life Training

During this COVID 19 Lockdown, clubs are struggling and people are struggling. 
How can we set our clubs up to be ready to transition people back when life returns to ‘normal’?
Gymnastics Victoria were pleased to present a support webinar for club managers (or an appropriate staff member) hosted by SALT (Sport and Life Training). 
Click here for the recording of last week's session. 

The Road to Recovery Series 2.0 is supported by the Victorian Government.