What are the Benefits of Adult Gymnastics? 

When most people think of gymnastics the image that comes to mind is generally a young athlete with superhuman strength and flexibility. What if I said that you, a fully grown adult, could try gymnastics too? 

No, gymnastics isn’t just for exceptional children. Gymnastics can be enjoyed by everyone, and better yet, adults who participate in gymnastics reap the benefits! 

Check out this list of reasons why you should give gymnastics a go:

1. Improved mental health and self esteem
Many studies conclude that exercise reduces stress, boosts our ‘happy chemicals’, alleviates anxiety, sharpens memory, and improves self-confidence. Gymnastics is one of the best activities to achieve all of these mental health benefits as it provides challenges that have a powerful impact on redistributing negative energy from inside your body towards the task at hand.  You will leave your gymnastics class feeling accomplished, full of positive thoughts and motivation to succeed in all aspects of life. 
Gymnastics also has the power to improve your self-esteem. Aside from gymnastics being a physical activity that helps you get in shape and improve self-image, gymnastics also improves self-esteem through the achievement of new skills/movements. Overcoming mental and physical challenges in gymnastics helps improve confidence. 

2. Improved flexibility 
Many adults are cautious to get involved in gymnastics as they fear they might injure themselves. However, gymnastics training actually improves control over your movements and helps develop a greater range of motion to prevent injury. The flexibility learned in gymnastics training can protect you from injury not only inside the gym but also in everyday life. It is particularly important to maintain flexibility as you get older and gymnastics training becomes a great way to maintain healthy muscles and joints. 

3. Improved movement and strength 
If you hadn’t noticed gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes in the world. If you want to get strong then gymnastics classes are the place for you. Hanging off things, swinging on bars, and flipping upside down builds upper body and core strength like no other workout. You will soon see improvements in coordination and movement as a result of gymnastics strength training. 

4. Improved bone strength 
A study published in 2006, that tracked 217 women with an average age of 62 for six years found that those who participated in gymnastics weekly had greater bone density, bone strength, and muscular agility than those who remained relatively sedentary. 

5. Social Gymnastics 
Aside from the mental and physical health benefits, gymnastics training also satisfies social needs. The gymnastics environment is a unique space where teammates support each other through training. Special bonds are created between participants as they support each other in overcoming challenges and encourage teammates to learn new skills. A gymnastics class is likely to see a coach physically spotting and assisting athletes in achieving their goals. This environment is much more participatory and social than other physical activity classes such as a Pilate’s class where you stick to your own mat and follow the instructions of the teacher. 

6. Brings out your inner kid 
Gymnastics provides an environment where adults are free to let their hair down, try new things, and make mistakes without any consequences whatsoever. No matter how old you are, a gymnastics class will always bring you back to your childhood where every class is filled with wonder and opportunities. 

7. Competitions 
If you start to get really good at gymnastics and you can put a few skills together in a sequence you might even consider competing in Masters Gymnastics competitions. There are even opportunities to compete at large events such as the Australian Master Games. 

If this has convinced you to give gymnastics a go, persuade a friend to join you (gymnastics is much more fun with a friend) and find your nearest adult gymnastics class!

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