Gymnastics Victoria are proud of having so many committed coaches, judges, volunteers and administrators across the State. We will be featuring Hero of the Month profiles – you can nominate a coach, judge, volunteer or administrator to be featured by clicking here

Sue is a pillar of the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics community. Sue does an  amazing job of being judging director. Sue builds relationships with judges, young and old, to help them feel comfortable judging. Because of this, judges are willing to give up their weekends to officiate alongside her at events. 

This month, Sue was an invaluable member of the team working at the WAG Junior Victorian Championships at Geelong Arena. With back-to-back sessions running over the weekend, Sue did a fantastic job of managing all of the judges to keep the event running smoothly. She also celebrated her birthday on the last day of the event!

Sue is present as a judge, jury or technical committee representative at nearly every WAG competition in Victoria. 

Sue gives up her nights to come out to clubs to help judges gain confidence, as well as providing coaches and gymnasts with feedback.  Sue spends many evenings putting together judge’s rosters for events, or calling around to help clubs source judges for invitationals. 

Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do Sue!