Coaching Awards Finalists

Our 2018 Awards Finalists have been announced for Club, Coach and Inclusion Awards. Presentation of finalists and winners will take place at the 2018 Family Ball and Awards Night taking place on Saturday 9 February 2019 at Peninsula Docklands. 

We have a fantastic selection of finalists for our Coach and Coaching Team awards including the categories of Recreational Coaching, Gymstar Coaching, Competitive Coaching and High Performance Coaching. 

Take a look at the list of finalists below. For more information on each of the finalists you can click here

Small Club - Competitive Coach/Coaching Team
Advantage - Angela McMillan, Caitlin Murphy, Kristie Liodl, Annabel Muttdon, Olivia Feaver 
Beginners to Level 4 Coaching Team & Alicia Regula  (Prahran)
Diamond Gymnastics - Mariah Burleigh & Sara McSweeney 
Loreto - Kerryn Cormick, Jenna Ward, Kirsten Norden and Caitlin Shipsides 
Melbourne Gym Sports - Rebekah England-Hill 
Peak Gymnastics - Philip Stewart, Martin Kurz

Medium Club - Competitive Coach/Coaching Team
Energetic - Claire Coulthard
Eureka - Casey Potter 
Flyaway - Goele Schmitz 
Hawthorn Gymnastics Centre - Crystal Yeo, Keerti Pundir & Chelsea Denham 
Lifestyle for Kids - Claire Tomkins, Tracy Peruissch and Christina Karras
Pulse - Natasha Stevenson, Stacey Gebel, Aleisha Barker, Jade Guerin, Kristina Gorgievski, Bec Gould 
Werribee - Ebony Biden 
Wesley Lions - Asher Ginsberg

Large Club - Competitive Coach/Coaching Team
Balwyn YMCA - Sarah O'Malley 
CYC - Mel Skewes and Jill Ward 
Eastern MAG coaching team
Edge - Tarryn Eden & Kate Francis 
Knox - Danielle Rickard, Gabrielle Berman, Cui Hong Gao, Kate Eva, Mikayla Willems 
MLC - Siobhan Turnbull and Alex Byers Armstrong 
MYC WAG Level 7-10 coaching team
PIT MAG & WAG Coaching Teams

Mega Club - Competitive Coach/Coaching Team
BTYC MAG & WAG Coaching Team
Casey Gymnastics Special O Coaching Team 
EKGA WAG Coaching Team 
Jets Gisborne Coaching Team
Skylark - Annabel Barcock
Waverley - Jeb Silsbury & Jessica Mason

High Performance – Coach/Coaching Team
Advantage Gym Sports  - Angela McMillan
CYC – Dani Robb & Sarah Hiesler
Glen Iris - Tatiana Loukianenko 
MAG HPP Coaching Team 
MLC - Jackie, Tim & Brett 
Prahran RG - Katyrena Logachova & Taylor Tirahardjo
Team Adrenalin - Steve Presti 
Waverley Gymnastics Centre - John Hart & Georgia Bonora
YMCA Geelong - Rhian Jamieson and Abbey Bow

Small/ Medium Clubs - Recreational Coach/Coaching Team
Aquahub - Jacki Atkinson 
East Gippsland Gym Club - Ray Hawkey 
Loreto - Kate Holmesby
Moyhu - Amy Twyford 
Pulse Coaching Team - Natasha, Jade, Aleisha, Bec, Stacey, Talisa, Monica, Kristina, Chloe, Simone, Danielle, Ashley, Isabella, Kristy, Isabelle, Latisha, Arabella, Jenna, Rachael, Alessia, Lauren, Mady, Veronica (Pulse)
Reach - Gordon Wallace 
Wesley College School Sport Coaching Team

Large Clubs/Mega Clubs - Recreational Coaching Team
BOUNCEInc Victorian Coaching Team
Brighton Rec Gymnastics Kindergym Coaching Team
BTYC Recreational Coaching Team
Casey Gymnastics Rec Team
CYC - Sara Palladinelli 
EKGA Kinder Gym Coaching Team - Led by Madison Dundas
FCGC Coaches - Jes Larsen, Thomas Daddow, Cheri Van Lameron, Laura Madigan, Jaide Taylor, Beth Tudor, Emiliya Treskovski, Georgia Goodman, Cassey Robinson, Laura Phillips, Tammy Robinson, Emma Luxford, Adam Mahoney
Highett Youth Club - Dylan Rohan
Peninsula KinderGym Coaching Team 
Skylark Sports - Kent Pieterse

Gymstar Coach/Coaching Team
Aquahub - Cameron Walker 
Brighton Rec Centre - Rose Siracusa
BTYC Gymstar Coaching Team
Casey Gymnastics Gymstar Coaching Team
EKGA Gymstar Coaching Team
Fitness for Fun - Rebecca Lionnet
Lifestyle for Kids - Kim Fitzgibbon 
Reach Gymnastics Gymstar Coaching Team

Congratulations to all of these wonderful coaches who have been nominated!

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