Venue Change for August Victorian Championships 

Gymnastics Victoria's August Victorian Championships will now be held at Geelong Arena. 

Due to a delay in building work for the new Casey Stadium we have been advised that we are no longer able to hold the August Victorian Championships there on the weekend of 24-26 August. 

To minimise the impact on the gymnastics community, rather than changing the date we have moved the competition to Geelong Arena. 

We apologise for any inconvenience however this decision by the venue is beyond our control. 

This event includes the Acrobatic Gymnastics Victorian Championships and State Pennant, Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team Victorian Championships, FusionFX and TeamGym Victorian Championships.

The new venue will be Geelong Arena (110 Victoria St, North Geelong). Geelong Arena has proved to be a fantastic venue for our events and have been wonderful in ensuring that we are still able to host this event.

There will be a slight change in schedule and FusionFX will now be scheduled as a Sunday afternoon event following TeamGym. ACR and WAG will remain on Saturday.

Key Details:
Saturday 25 August - ACR Victorian Championships and State Pennant at Geelong Arena (Enter Now)
Saturday 25 August - WAG Team Victorian Championships at Geelong Arena (Enter Now)
Sunday 26 August - TeamGym Victorian Championships at Geelong Arena (Enter Now)
Sunday 26 August - FusionFX (Enter Now)

If you have any queries, please contact the Gymnastics Victoria office on (03) 9005 4700.