Victorian Leadership Teams

Congratulations to the following people who have been selected on the Australian Gymnastics Championships Victorian Leadership Teams:

Men's Artistic Gymnastics:
Team Manager - Julia Fitzsimmons
Head Coach - Dion Pocklington 
Assistant Head Coach - Anthony Weston 
Assistant Head Coach - Lachlan Graham 
Chief Chaperone - Grace Lepore 

Women's Artistic Gymnastics:
Co-Team Manager - David Hill
Co-Team Manager - Anna Francis 
Head Coach - Natalie Roberts
Head Coach - John Hart 
Assistant Head Coach - Sally Young
Assistant Head Coach - Jessica Haintz
Chief Chaperone: TBC 

Rhythmic Gymnastics:
Team Manager - TBC
Head Coach - Emma Tankovich
Chief Chaperone - TBC

Trampoline Gymnastics:
Team Manager - Lynda Sterns 
Head Coach - Sarah Hiesler 
Assistant Head Coach - Dani Robb 

Aerobic Gymnastics
Team Manager - Alice Stooke
Head Coach - Jenna Ward
Assistant Head Coach - Melissa Mason
Chief Chaperone - Priscilla Feaver

Acrobatic Gymnastics:

Team Manager - Jodi Mathieson
Head Coach - Jodi Harris 
Assistant Head Coach - Melissa Presti