Women's Gymnastics Australian Levels Program

Gymnastics Australia has recently formulated a new direction for Women’s Gymnastics, which centres on the competition framework and structure. These changes are effective as of January 2018. This change means that gymnasts who competed in the International Levels Program (IL3 – IL10) in 2017 will now compete in one Nationals Levels Program with only three International Levels (Future, Junior and Senior).

Gymnastics Victoria, in consultation with key people in the community who work with International, National and Limited Hours gymnasts have formulated a 2018 Victorian Framework with the following considerations:

Purpose: A Victorian Women’s Program that aligns athlete development and pathways; underpins the WAG Program Key Principles and allows for continued growth.

GV Strategic Alignment:

Design principles to align to three key points from the GV Strategic Plan:
1. Maximise Participation (Strategic Plan Pillar Engage and Enthuse 2.1: Increase Tier 1 and 2 Event Participation)
2. Commercialisation (Strategic Pillars Engage and Enthuse 2.2: Increase Tier 1 and 2 Spectators; Endure 3.1: Identify opportunities to diversify GV revenue streams) 
3. Align with HP Model which includes the athlete and coach pathway (Strategic Pillar Excel 1 Develop a plan  that utilises the model for HP Gymnastics in Victoria 

GA WAG Program – Key Principles:

The following key principles have been applied by Gymnastics Australia in considering changes to the WAG program:
Maintain a broad talent base and focus on increasing the talent pool of athletes aged 9 to 13 who can progress into the Future International division
Increase the numbers of athletes in each level of the Australian Levels Program to create competition amongst athletes
Establish an inclusive culture – enabling the talent pool to be spread across Australia
Encourage all WAG clubs to offer talented athletes a pathway to international success
Streamline the competition framework and structure to reduce the complexity and confusion to an already technically focussed sport

Key Changes for 2018:
One single pathway from Level 1 through to Senior International (click here for Appendix 1 Victorian Framework)
One single Victorian Championships competition stream for all Gymnasts
         o Level 3
                 4 age groups
         o Levels 4-10
                 2 Divisions
                 Division 2 refers to gymnasts training the following:
                        • Levels 4-6 no more than 10 hours per week
                        • Levels 7-10 no more than 12 hours per week
                 Gymnasts cannot compete in both divisions (either Division 1 or Division 2)
                 Levels 5 and 6 team events, teams will be formed across two age groups (Division 1 only)
      o Future, Junior and Senior International
Streamlined age groups between divisions
Additional age groups in levels to ensure gymnasts wanting to follow the international stream pathway are competing the correct levels at the correct age. 

Further information will be available in the new year regarding the qualification process to Victorian Championships.

Gymnastics Victoria is excited to support the changes to the Australian Levels Program and to continue to manage the growth in Women’s Gymnastics in Victoria. We look forward to working with our member community to deliver support and world class events.