Trampoline Gymnastics State Team

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This section contains important information for gymnasts, parents, coaches and officials who have been selected into Gymnastics Victoria's Trampoline Gymnastics State Team.

2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships - Melbourne                               
2017 Travel Policy  Travel Policy C - this team will not accommodate in Melbourne
2016 State Team Costs Approximate costs for this team (not including uniform) will be between $300 and $700
Leadership Teams

Team Manager - TBC
Head Coach - Sarah Hiesler (BTYC/CYC) 
Assistant Head Coach - Danielle Robb (CYC) 
Chief Chaperone - TBC

State Team Training Sunday 7th May, 10am - 1pm, CYC
2017 State Team Announcement  2017 Trampoline State Team
2017 State Team Newsletter  2017 Trampoline State Team Newsletter