Men's Gymnastics State Team

This section contains important information for gymnasts, parents, coaches and officials who have been selected into Gymnastics Victoria's Men's Gymnastics State Team.

 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships - Melbourne 
2018 Travel Policy Travel Policy C. This team will not accommodate together in Melbourne
2018 State Team Costs Approximate costs for this team (not including uniform) will be between $300 and $600
State Team Trials Trial 1 24-25 March BTYC
Trial 2 14-15 April BTYC
Leadership Teams

Head Coach: Dion Pocklington
Assistant Head Coach: Anthony Weston
Assistant Head Coach: Lachlan Graham
Team Manager: Julia Fitzsimons
Chief Chaperon: Grace Lepore

State Team Announcement
Click here to view the Men's Artistic Gymnastics State Team Athletes and Officials. 
State Team Training
State Team Newsletter

Thursday 13th April
Thursday 13th April