Gymnastics Victoria Facilities Plan

 Gymnastics Victoria (GV) established a gymnastics-specific facility guide and strategy plan in 2014.  The Plan outlines the social, health and economic benefits of gymnastics, as well as providing direction on current facility provisions across the state and areas where facilities need to be established or upgraded to meet current and future needs. Click here to download the Plan. 

Gymnastics is growing at a rapid rate in Victoria, and has been the fastest growing major participation sport in the state over the past four years. With this rapid growth over 60% of clubs across the state currently have waiting lists.  

As part of the GV strategy, GV has employed a dedicated staff member to assist working with clubs, communities, state & local government and all stakeholders to grow and adequately facilitate the sport of Gymnastics. Our dedicated facility manager can assist with;

- Additional space
- Securing a venue
- Securing a second venue
- Revised programming 
- Remodel of current floorplan

It is important that any facility development is well planned, and aligns with the club’s programs to meet current and future demand. Extensive consultation between various stakeholders is essential in ensuring success of a facility project. Analysing the needs of the club/organisation are crucial and GV encourages its affiliated clubs to seek guidance to maximise the use of their relevant space to ensure the safety of it’s gymnasts and staff while maximising best commercial practice. 

If you are a new or existing club, looking for a new facility, or to upgrade a current facility, then please contact Club Development Manager, Rachel Clerck on 9005 4700 or email or complete an Expression of Interest - Facilities Form