Gymnastics Victoria Constitution

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Gymnastics Victoria Inc. - Notice of Special General Meeting

In accordance with Clause 7.3 of the Gymnastics Victoria Inc. Constitution, notice is hereby given that a Gymnastics Victoria Inc. Special General Meeting will be held on Saturday the 15 of October, 2022.

Further information of this meeting can be viewed here, and the proxy form downloaded here.

Gymnastics Victoria Inc. - Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Gymnastics Victoria 85th Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 25th May, 2022.

Official papers for the 2022 Annual General Meeting can be viewed here. Hard copies of the Annual Report will be available on request after the AGM.


Annual Reports

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Gymnastics Victoria Strategic Plan

The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan has been developed - see the Plan on this page .

Technical Statutes

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