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  Welcome to The Hollow, the home of Bounce


 Hi All, I'm Bounce the Sugar Glider. Join me in discovering the wonderful world of Gymnastics!

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Bounce, the Sugar Glider, is an amazing little guy who is native to Australia. Bounce can glide through the air and loves sweet things such as the sap from Eucalyptus Trees – that’s where the name Sugar Glider comes from! Most Sugar Gliders are shy but not our Bounce! He spreads out his arms and legs to glide and float down to a landing site, using his impressive tail to steer, and Bounce is famous for sticking every landing (well - almost!). Bounce was born in a nest in the hollow of a Eucalyptus Tree and has three brothers and three sisters; his favourite foods are Fresh Fruit, Honey, Sap and the occasional Insect - Yuk! Bounce loves Gymnastics; he knows it keeps him FIT, and teaches him all the FUNDAMENTALS for all the sports he loves to play, but most of all it gives him FRIENDSHIPS and is lots and lots of FUN.

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